Monday, May 5, 2008

No Pressure

BlogHer Ads approved my application and now I have the privilege of sporting BlogHer Ads on my site. Woo hoo! This comes with added pressure though. They are reading my blog all the time. To check for stuff I’m not allowed to say I’m sure (like swearing, paid posts, and saying HEY! go click on my ads).

Anyway, I know I have been receiving more comments which means people are reading my blog, but I’m a little nervous now. Now I know for sure that someone is reading my blog. They are probably required to read it. I hope I don’t bore them. Can you imagine if your job was to read other people’s blogs and you were assigned the lamest blogs and all you want to just shove a pen in your eyes so you wouldn’t have to read anymore stupid posts?!? That would really suck.

I wonder if you can get reassigned. If you don’t like to read about some lady and all her cats, I wonder if there is some cat lady who works there who loves cats and wants to read all about them so she gets all the cat blogs. And then you can get all the steamy romance blogs, or fitness blogs, or food blogs. That’s the one I would want – food. In particular, cake blogs. If I could just read about cake all day long, I think I’d be a pretty happy camper. Maybe then I’d be less tempted to eat cake?