Tuesday, May 6, 2008


"If the "new or expectant mom" parking spot is open I take it. My son is 2. I figure the term "new mom" is a relative term. I can still consider myself as a new mom if I want."

I read this on the True Mom Confessions site and I think those signs she's talking about should be expanded to included mothers of children under the age of five. I was going to say that it should only be for mothers of young children but then I remembered what it was like to waddle down the parking lot aisle and it truly would have been nice to be able to have reserved parking near the front of the store when I was eight months pregnant (they didn’t have this reserved parking thing when I was pregnant. Heck, they didn’t even have a Babies R Us in town when I was pregnant. Gosh I’m old.). It is also VERY difficult to lug those baby carriers around. But I’m thinking of this Mom who sent in her comment.

Her son is two. Which means he may or may not be sleeping through the night. He may or may not be going through that phase where whenever she is not grasping his tiny little hand he takes off running in any direction. He may or may not be a wiggly toddler who does not like to be put in his car seat. He may or may not be the only child. Which means Mom is probably tired, frantically running after her baby in the parking lot, desperately trying to convince him that the ride home is very short and wouldn’t he please sit still in his seat for ONE SECOND so Mommy can buckle him in, and God help her if she has any other rascals. So I think it’s okay that she parks in the reserved parking spaces up front. I think it’s acceptable as long as she has to tote around anyone under the age of five.