Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pottery Barn

Of course after we found out we were pregnant we started shopping for everything baby. I was totally worried that we wouldn’t have any baby showers (mostly because of how my parents responded) and wanted to buy everything in sight. We ended up purchasing a gorgeous antique oak set from Goore's.

Side note: Before I was pregnant, or even married for that matter, I had purchased enough clothes to fit into a fifty gallon Rubbermaid tub. Any time I found baby clothes on sale at Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, anywhere, I bought them. I tried to stay neutral, but I did buy some boy clothes and some girl clothes. The girl clothes I either sold on eBay or gave to friends who had girls. It was nice to have that stash because it was all stuff I liked and I bought different sizes, and it gave me one less thing for me to worry about knowing that my baby would be fully clothed for the first two years of his life.

Anyway, we venture into Pottery Barn Kids one weekend and I see this book. This is awesome, I have to get it and track my pregnancy. I start looking through it and notice that it tracks your pregnancy by each day. I think to myself, I wonder how many days I’ll be pregnant? I flip to the back and I am amazed to see that I will be pregnant for TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DAYS. That is a lot of days. I sit down in one of their rocking chairs and start to cry uncontrollably. The Man is at a loss. Honey, what’s wrong? I blubber, I’m going to be pregnant for two hundred and eighty days! It’s never going to end. I’m never going to have this baby. The Man tries to reason with me. Yes, Love, that is nine months. How long did you think it was? I was probably already four months along at this point so I was almost half way done but the number just seemed daunting to me at that point.

A store employee comes over and asks if I am okay. I can only imagine what a sight I must be – a pregnant woman, sitting with a book in her lap on one of their rocking chairs, bawling. The Man assured me that this is a sight they have seen before. After all, I can’t be the only pregnant woman who has come into Pottery Barn Kids. And if other pregnant women go into Pottery Barn Kids, then other pregnant women have certainly cried in Pottery Barn Kids.

I still bought the book and I’m glad I did.


dcrmom said...

LOL. That's hilarious. It WILL end. But I know it feels like it won't. :-)