Monday, May 12, 2008

Telling The Parents

We now have official confirmation from the doctor AND the ultrasound tech that we are in fact pregnant. It’s time to tell the parents.

I thought my parents were going to be ecstatic when we told them. We had been married for almost three years. We both had great jobs. The Man and I took them to lunch near my office and gave them a present. They opened the present. It was a baby bib that said “My Grandparents Love Me.” We were grinning from ear to ear. My dad says, “Does this mean what we think it means?” “YES! We’re pregnant!” is our eager reply.

My mom says: “Well, don’t expect us to be your day care.”

I’m dead serious. That is what she said. No need to wonder anymore why I’m in therapy, okay? It is well deserved, hard earned therapy.

I would like to mention that my (loser) brother knocked up a girl OUT OF WEDLOCK, the baby was born prematurely and with health problems because the girl couldn’t be bothered with taking care of herself (you know, stop drinking and smoking, stop doing drugs, go to the doctor), they were planning to keep the baby (they didn’t, they gave it up for adoption THANK GOD), and yet my parents appeared to be much more supportive of that behavior. F@&#!

Anyway, No Mom, we don’t expect you to be our baby-sitter. Okay, yeah, now let’s be happy! Pfffffffft.

Moving on.

The Man’s parents gave me more of the response I was hoping to get from my parents. At least I got it from somewhere.

We told them on Father’s Day. We were at The Man’s dad’s dad’s (The Man’s grandpa) house. We gave Grandpa a Great-Grandpa card and we gave The Man’s dad a Grandpa card. It was perfect. Dad opened his card first and was like, “Oh I think you got the cards mixed up. This is a Grandpa card.” But The Man’s mom got it right away. She totally ran across the room to me and hugged me and squealed and cried. And everyone else is like, What? What is going on? The Man explained and everyone was thrilled.


Much More Than A Mom said...

Wow - that's quite the response. I'm glad you had his parents to celebrate with you!