Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toner on the Pants

We all know a pregnant lady’s hormones are anything but stable. Therefore, her behavior can be erratic at times.

I experienced said erratic behavior during my pregnancy. One time. Okay, maybe a few times. But let me tell you about this one time.

At our office, I was the go to girl for everything. A word document is not formatting properly, the copier is jammed with paper, and the coffee maker isn’t making a full pot of coffee. Come ask me was the standard response.

Normally, I relish this feeling of importance, as though they could certainly not live without me. Who would fix their problems? People pleasing issues much?

I get a call (from two cubicles over), Hi, my printer needs new toner can you come help me? Already I’m a bit peeved; can’t you at least TRY to switch the flipping toner cartridges yourself first? Yes, fine, I’ll be right there. I walk over, open the new toner box, pull out the new toner cartridge and set it down. I retrieve the old toner cartridge from the printer, pick up the new cartridge, set it in the printer, close the lid, and she’s good to go. As I am putting the old cartridge into the box, I notice a black smudge on my khaki capris. Correction: on my MATERNITY khaki capris.

That was enough to send me spiraling into a paroxysm. Maternity clothes were expensive, and I did not purchase a lot of maternity clothes because I knew they were only going to be worn for a short period of time. I went into my co-pregnant co-workers cubicle and began to wail. How could this happen to me? Why couldn’t she change her own damn toner? It’s not that hard! I do EVERYTHING IN THIS OFFICE!!! My co-worker comforted me and I eventually calmed down.

I washed the pants and the black smudge faded, but the stain never fully came out. They weren’t even my favorite item of maternity clothing. And after we decided that we weren’t going to have any more children I gave all of my maternity clothes away to various pregnant friends.

But I am still saddened when I think of those capris. They were just never the same after that incident.


Fabulously Broke said...

Umm can I still be bitchy and NOT preggers?

lol.. at least i know what to look forward to now

thanks for comin' by le blog :)