Thursday, May 29, 2008

True Friends

The Man and I have one set of true friends. I'd like to introduce to you Salty and Mrs. Kitty. No, they are no imaginary friends, although, hey you guys, they do sound like imaginary friend names. Do you know how I know they are true friends? Here is why:

Before having ever met me, they bought us a Wii because we were all out here in California and they found one and mailed it to us.

They visited our house and stayed a week with us even though they had never met me before.

They still wanted to be friends with us after that week.

Not only do they still want to be friends with us, they want to MOVE across the country and live one town over from us.

They are the only people I know in real life who read my blog (I think) and they still think that moving their lives over here is a good idea.

Pretty exceptional people. The Man is leaving for four days next month to help them move/drive across six (large) states. Two weeks later we are taking a trip to Disneyland together. And I am nothing but excited.