Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Is My Passion?

I want to find what I am passionate about. I want to know myself well enough to know what I truly love with all of my heart and then do something about it. Something so that I can do what I love EVERY DAY. I don’t want to wait until I retire to do what I enjoy. I want to do it now!

I am hoping that by talking myself through this I can perhaps help someone else with their situation. Also, I want The Boy to see that we break tradition at our house. We don’t want to live by what is generally accepted by society; trudge to a 9 to 5 you hate just to put food on the table. I also want him to see that his mommy IS ACTUALLY A RISK TAKER.

I don’t want to quit this job because I don’t like it and go to some random job I found on CareerBuilder. I want to think this through. Otherwise I might as well have kept working here. I need to know what I want to do “when I grow up” before I start making any changes.

Bump In The Road #1: If I give two weeks’ notice today, and The Man doesn’t have another job by then, we will have ZERO income. If I quit my job, I am not eligible for unemployment. $1400 a month in The Man’s unemployment isn’t going to get us very far in life.

Bump In The Road #2: Therefore, I would have to find another job before I quit this job. Jobs aren’t being handed out left and right around here. I’m an admin, which is a pretty common job and currently on CareerBuilder, there is ONE job in this area for an admin. One. That is seriously scary. Not even six months ago when I would look for a job, there were millions (okay, maybe fifty) of admin positions being advertised on CareerBuilder (I don’t get paid for mentioning their name, but the way I’m throwing it around on this post, I wish they did).

I read this article on Dumb Little Man about being ready for a career transition. Most of us are unable to prepare for such a switch because it was either not our choice to be entering the job market or were not prepared to be offered a promotion at our current job.

I have an advantage in that (I think) my employer is going to be keeping me around for awhile (unless they find my blog, then I’m fired for sure). I am the one who will be initiating any changes. So there is no urgency. The negative aspect of that is that there is no sense of urgency. I am relatively “comfortable” if you will. They say nobody likes change. I am one of those people; therefore, I have not been actively trying to figure out what I want in a job, even though I don’t enjoy my time spent here. I want to get started on the process so that I can take steps in the right direction myself, before I am possibly forced into an urgent situation.

And so begins my attempt to find my passion.