Monday, May 19, 2008

Working Like a Team

I didn’t get a very peaceful shower yesterday, which actually did not bother me, probably because I normally do get to take peaceful showers.

The Boy wanted to watch Phineas and Ferb OnDemand in my bed while I took a shower. I knew it would only take about 15 minutes for him to watch it and only ten of those minutes I would actually be in the shower. So I put the cable on Disney Channel for after the show was over. All he had to do was press “Exit” on the remote after his show was over and then he could watch Disney. That’s it. ONE button.

Ten minutes into my shower, he comes in and says that the Disney Channel is not on. I ask him to go tell me what the yellow numbers on the cable box say. He goes and checks and then comes back and says “820.” What? Disney Channel is 54, how did it get to 820? Okay, so I tell him to go get the remote. He brings it to me and I show him “Last” and tell him to press that, which takes you to the last channel you were watching. He presses it and then comes back. It’s not on Disney Channel. I ask him to check the yellow numbers on the cable box again. As he is walking out to do that he says, “Okay, but Mom, the numbers are blue not yellow.” Wait a minute…the blue numbers are on our alarm clock. So 820 was the time, NOT the channel. I call him back in and tell him that’s the clock, please check the yellow numbers on the black box NEXT to the clock. He says it says “55.” In my head I’m thinking that means that when he his “Last” the last channel it was on was 55, but when I turned it on before the shower I switched from ESPN (32) to Disney (54) so how it ever got on 55 is beyond me. I ask him to bring me the remote again. I show him to push the “Channel” button down one. He comes back in and says YES! It is on Disney Channel. Okay, dude, go watch it. He goes out and I feel a sense of satisfaction. I am VERY proud of The Boy and myself for working together like a team. Then he comes back into the bathroom. “I can’t hear it.” Okay, bring me the black remote, which is different from the remote we have been using. He brings me one of two black remotes. Is this it? No, bring the other one. He brings the other remote and I show him the “Volume” button and tell him to press the plus on it a few times, but DON’T make it go over the number 15 because that is too loud. Okay. He goes off to adjust his volume and again I’m like, yes, we are awesome. He comes back in and says the screen went fuzzy and made a loud sound. I asked him which button he pushed and he showed me the volume button but it is right next to the channel button and I’m thinking that he changed the television channel. Which is near impossible for ME to fix when I’m standing right there, so there is no way I am going to be able to talk him through it. I tell him sorry but he can’t watch it now. He says, “It’s okay, Mom. I turned it off and I’m going to go read books in my room.” And that’s where I found him when I was done getting ready.

All of that effort for no return on the television; but huge return on a ridiculous story and for The Boy to read books on his own. It was really precious to see him sitting on the floor next to his bookcase with a pile of books he pulled out on the floor. I felt 100% content when I opened the door and saw him.