Monday, June 2, 2008

Can I Get Some Assistance Please?

The Boy and I stayed home from church yesterday morning. The Man went because he was playing on the Worship Team. The Boy played games on the computer and played Wii games for about an hour each. While he did those things I worked on laundry, dishes, cleaning the kitchen sink and stove. And I watched him too.

Then I wanted him to take a break from electronic media, but I made the mistake of using the term “video games.” I found out yesterday that, according to The Boy, playing on the computer does not fall under the category of video game play. He was VERY unhappy with me, throwing a giant tantrum, complete with body flailing and fist pounding, and general evidence of being tired and needing a nap. Even though I offered to play with his Pokemon toys with him, or read him books, or play games, etc., he insisted that he was not going to do anything until I agreed to let him play video games.

So I went upstairs and put laundry away, changed the sheets on the beds, picked up our bedroom, etc. He follows me around, and is all the while mumbling about how unfair I am. Then he indignantly tells me, “I am going to call Daddy at church and tell him that you aren’t letting him play video games. And you have to get your phone from your purse for me, and then I’ll dial the numbers and press the green button and then the little button. And then I’m going to tell him that I’m a video game person and you aren’t letting my play video games.”

Of course he did not call The Man to tattle on me. He eventually got over himself and permitted me to read books to him (oh, the horror!), but I really thought it was hilarious that he thought I was going to assist him “snitch” on me by getting my own phone out of my purse and handing it to him.