Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't Call Me

Lazy people piss me off. And not lazy like when I don’t get out of my pajamas for an entire weekend Saturday. Or I wipe my underarms with baby wipes instead of taking a shower so that I can sleep in a little bit on Monday morning because of a hangover.

I’m talking about people who have found a way to literally do nothing in life. Like Female Boss.

She comes in around 8:30 every day instead of 8 like the rest of us. She takes 90 to 120 minute lunches instead of 60 like the rest of us. She leaves early most days instead of leaving at 5 like the rest of us.

I happen to know enough about her home life to know that she doesn’t do anything at home either. Her husband gets all the groceries, does all the cooking, cleans everything, does the yard work, etc. What is left for her to do? NOTHING!

At work, she passes off as much as she can onto other people. I seriously don’t know what she does all day. Please call this person. Please file this. Please take this downstairs. I don’t want to get involved in this, you two figure it out. And then when things are done incorrectly, she takes no responsibility for it. Well, I wasn’t consulted on how to do that. Nobody told me about that. Or that’s not how I would have done it.

You weren’t consulted because you never want to do stuff. And if you wanted something done in a certain way you should have instructed us on how to do it or you should have done it yourself.

When I first gave my resignation I said that I wanted to help in any way possible. I was asked to get my filing current. It’s this scary sized pile of papers sitting behind my desk. I use it to intimidate people. So when Creepy Dirty Vendor comes in and I tell him No you can’t have access to the roof because you don’t have ID and he starts to get belligerent, I just step aside and say Hey, why don’t you take a look at this? And he immediately backs off. It’s a stack of papers with super-human abilities I tell you.

Then I was thrown a million things to do. Like they realized, OH HEY, she’s not going to be here on Monday. And I say Hold on, do you want me to do this stuff or do you want me to file? The response: Please file. Give your work to me (Female Boss) and I’ll do it. So I give it to her and she pulls this:

I don’t have that file on my computer. Can you do this?


I’ll figure that out after you’re gone. (Meaning YOU do it now so I don’t have to).

As though I can’t e-mail you the file? You can have it on your computer in less than 20 seconds. Or I can put it on the shared drive and you can have it in less than 10 seconds. It's the new millenium, these crazy things ARE possible!

Why would you purposely put off figuring something out until after I’m gone? I’m not going to be here to answer your questions after I’m gone. The point of giving a two week notice is so that I can answer your questions WHILE I’M STILL HERE.

So please don’t call me. If I see it’s you, I’m not going to answer.

Laziness – annoying to the very last second.


Kelvin Kao said...

Don't bother picking it up. And if you accidentally pick it up, you can give her the lecture then. (The lecture about putting things off... not the one about how to actually performing the task.)

Rachael said...

How nice of her to keep reminding you up to the last minute of the downsides of the job...

beth♥ said...

I had a boss like that once. Please note that I no longer work there!

Fabulously Broke said...

That .... really irks me. I hate lazy people. I HATE lazy people.