Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Time, Part I

On January 8, 2003 I went to the doctor for my weekly check up. I had one concern, which was that there was a large bump towards the top of my large tummy, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t the babies head. It was too late in the pregnancy for the head to be up there and I really did not want to give birth to a breech baby.

My OBGYN was concerned enough to do a little sonogram there in the office. He checked at the bump ended up being the baby’s behind, not the head. He searched for the head but could not get low enough to see it – it was really low. But he did not mention any of the magic words, like the baby has “dropped” or anything. Which I always thought was a strange term. It’s not like they drop out of you, so where are they dropping from and where are they dropping to?

We went home and went to bed, thinking we had at least a few more weeks until the due date came. And from some of the stories I’ve heard, maybe even longer. Sometimes these babies like to stay inside well past their due date. If genetics were to play any part, I was born one day before my due date and my brother was born two days before his due date. I was all ready to stay pregnant for quite some time. If you remember, I hadn’t found out that I was pregnant until a good two months into the pregnancy so I had technically only been aware of my pregnancy for six months. I wasn’t one of those girls who knew the exact date of her pregnancy and carried past her due date who was READY to be done with the whole pregnancy thing. I was still just getting used to it and having fun growing a life inside of me.

I woke up at midnight to use the restroom as I had grown accustomed to doing during that part of my pregnancy. Apparently the bladder makes a nice pillow for babies to sleep on. When I returned to bed I noticed a little twinge. Figuring it was nothing, or maybe Braxton Hicks, I settled back into bed and started to drift off. About five minutes later I felt another twinge. I laid there with my eyes open, wishing this would stop so I could go back to sleep. Another five minutes, another twinge. I didn’t want to wake up The Man, so I sat up and quietly watched the clock for an hour. Every five minutes I felt something, and as the hour past they started to get stronger. Could these really be contractions? I thought they would be farther apart. Or if they were this close together, I thought they would be heavy duty. Maybe I have a really high tolerance for pain?

Finally, at 1 a.m., I woke up The Man. We spent another hour monitoring the spasms. He confirmed that they were only minutes apart. We called my mom and asked her what she thought we should do. She suggested calling the advice nurse. We did and she said that my description would normally solicit an ambulance call. We assured her that we lived near the hospital and that we would drive there immediately.

It was January 9, 2003. I didn't know it yet, but this is going to be your birthday.


Kelvin Kao said...

I was due and there were some spasms so my mom went to the hospital. But then after one night in the hospital, I didn't come out. My parents decided to go home the next day. It was my dad's birthday so they had cake. And they went back to sleep. And I decided that it's time to come out so they went back to the hospital. That's why my birthday is one day after my dad's. My mom said that apparently I smelled the cake and decided it was about damn time.

flutter said...

Oh! I love birth stories!

Rachael said...

I can't wait to hear the rest!

moo said...

very sweet. I love hearing birth stories!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful post. Someday The Boy is going to love you for committing this to blog for him.