Friday, June 20, 2008

Not The Weekend I Expected

La dee da, I'm going along in my weekend all smiles and laughter. Granted, it's only Saturday at 7:30 in the morning (why am I awake again? oh yeah, it's called THIS PART OF PARENTING SUCKS). But I had my last day at my old job and I'm scheduled to have a date with my husband and some friends. Dinner and a movie. Sunday is Father's Day and we are having lunch at my friend's restaurant (YUM) and BBQ dinner at my parent's house (DOUBLE YUM).

So I'm skipping along (or trying to keep my eyes open so that I can at least WATCH The Boy kick my behind in Wii Tennis), and then WHAM! My dad calls.

Me: "Hello?"

Dad: "Hey Blondie."

Me: "Hi Dad! How are you?"

Dad: "I'm fine. But your mom's not okay. We're at [insert local hospital name here]."

Me: "What? What's wrong with her?"

Dad: "Well, her arm has been tingling lately and then last night one side of her face went numb but she didn't tell me until this morning. We called the advice nurse and they convinced her to go in immediately and get checked out. We just finished registration and I wanted to call and let you know so that you would know but also to let you know that we probably shouldn't watch The Boy tonight."

Me, totally dumbfounded: "Okay, thanks Dad."

Dad: "And also, we have been trying for months to get our alarm company out to the house to fix our alarm. They are supposed to be there at noon today. Can you hang out at the house until they get there and until they leave?"

Me: "Sure Dad." (What am I supposed to say? Your alarm guy can go to hell? I don't think so.)

We hang up and it takes all of my willpower to not go shake The Man awake to hold me while I curl up in a ball and sob uncontrollably. Instead, I go on the computer and consult Dr. Google. Dr. Google confirms what I suspected. STROKE MUCH?!?

Needless to say, no date night. I can't remember the last time we had an overnight date night. It was two weekends ago, but I can't remember it. Because THAT IS WHAT PARENTING DOES TO YOUR BRAIN. I love you Hunny Bear. Anyway, the three of us did not fare so well together on Saturday.

We end up spending the ENTIRE day at their house, which felt like an eternity.

My Dad updated us with she has to have a CAT scan but the one at that hospital is BROKEN (WHAT?) and so they have to ambulance her to county, my dad can't take her. Then they have to bring her back in the ambulance to the original hospital to discharge her. She got to the hospital at 7 am and did not get home until 4:30 that afternoon. They said she was fine but set up an appointment for her to see the neurologist on Thursday (yesterday). Meanwhile, HER FACE IS STILL NUMB.

I try to insist that they cancel the BBQ but she says, "No no. I asked the doctor and he said it was fine if we have a BBQ." Okay, Mom. Whatev.

Fast forward to lunch with the in-laws at our friend's restaurant. I get a call on my cell phone. GUESS WHO? My dad.

Dad: "Your mom isn't feeling well. She's nauseous. Can you pick up some ginger ale on your way over for the BBQ?"

Me: "Yes. But DAD! Don't you think we should cancel the BBQ? It's still not too late." My aunt and uncle live in the Bay Area, a little less than two hours away, so I'm thinking we could catch them before they leave or at least before they get too far to turn around.

Dad: "No. Your mom insists it's okay."

Me: "Alright. See you." CRAZY PEOPLE.

I am really stressed now and not a very pleasant person for the rest of lunch but I figure IT'S THE LEAST I COULD DO considering how often I get pissed at my in-laws.

We get to the house and everyone is there. I go in and see my mom, who is lying on her bed in the dark at two o'clock in the afternoon. I take her some ginger ale and talk to her a little bit. She seems to have a migrane too. I go back out and talk to Dad and everyone and he thinks she should go back to the hospital but she doesn't want to spend another day there. She just wants to lie in her bed. My dad suggests taking the BBQ SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Here is a pause in the story to tell you the housing situation.

First, my parents have a very open, 1800 square foot home with a living room, a separate family room, a dining room, and lots of seating in the backyard as well.

Second, we can't go to my aunt's house because, like I said, they live two hours away.

Third, my grandparents TRAVEL AND LIVE IN AN RV. There are nine adults and one child. I don't think we're going to fit, considering it's a pretty tight fit for my grandparents.

Fourth, and finally, that guessed it - our house. Our house is two stories. The entire house is 1051 square feet (that's right fifty-ONE. They all count). But the first floor is at least half of that, maybe a little more? We'll say 600 square feet. And there is a kitchen, laundry room, walk-in pantry, and half bath down there that are not for "lounging" if you will. So ten people in my living room and dining room. It was going to be cozy.

Unpause and back to the regularly scheduled story telling:

We pile in our cars and head over to our house. My mind is racing as I'm thinking of all the clean up that needs to be done. I make a mad dash into the house and throw the clean laundry and The Boy's bike upstairs in our room. The Man cleans up the sink full of dishes and cuts himself on broken glass in the process. Oops, my bad.

It ended up being a lot of fun. Everyone was open to the fact that this was not the perfect scenario. My aunt and uncle went to the store and bought charcoal and lighter fluid, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, BEER AND WINE.

And everyone had a grand old time.

My mom? She stayed home from work on Monday because she still wasn't feeling well. It was nice to have here there on the first day working for my dad. She went to the neurologist today, where they said she probably had a mini-stroke (scary much?). They put her on one asprin a day and are monitoring her blood pressure because it was really high yesterday. Also, they are going to do a survey of her neck arteries or something to see how clogged they are? - something like that.

Just to assure you that she really is okay, she told me that she was sitting in her hospital bed and she got bored of reading. She noticed that the noises going on in the room next to here were bathroom noises - i.e., flushing, sink running, door closing, etc. She couldn't here anyone doing their business, but that was her guess. So what does she do? SHE KNOCKS ON THE WALL. And as she is telling me this, she is cracking up so hard she can barely talk. Maybe they should have given her a psych consult while she was there. Jeez.

So I'm still scared and nervous because no matter how much my mom can drive me crazy, she's still my mom. And I love her.


Much More Than A Mom said...

Oh my goodness - what a stressful weekend! I hope your mom recovers well and has good news at her appointment.