Friday, June 20, 2008

Pretty Cool

My dad is going to be on BBC Radio tomorrow morning, talking about his business. Which I think is pretty cool. It's not like boring local AM radio. It's like...hmmm...what's the term? Oh yeah, WORLD WIDE.

However, in the process of setting up this meeting, I begin to feel very uncultured. Because let me tell you, I am a true California girl. I'm all "Yeah!" and "Like, YOU know." ALL the time. I try to speak professionally as much as I can, but words like "yeah" instead of "yes" are more common than they should be, and I'm sure I still sound like a high school cheerleader, especially over the phone, when people can't see that I'm really an almost 30 year old GROWN UP who has been working in the corporate world for 10 years.

Anyway, this BBC radio guy kills me. I feel bad because he's staying at the Holiday Inn. Which is not my fault. We didn't set him up to stay here or anything, that is all his doing. The Holiday Inn is not in the greatest part of town. It's next door to Food 4 Less, the local warehouse grocery store. Which is fine for me. But I don't live where there's a real life, actual QUEEN. And I don't say things like "I will ring you back." Or "Has he been on the telly?"

So I returned a call to him and I say, "Is Simon available?" I think I'm being really swift with those words instead of "Hey, is, like, Simon there?" And he says, "This is Mr. Simon." MISTER Simon? So I feel like I've insulted him right off the bat. As though I shouldn't be so FORWARD with him. And then I start right away into responding to his message, which I admit, was a mistake. Normally, I like to ask people if this is a good time for them because I hate it when people call me up and then act as though I have just been sitting around waiting for their call. But I got all flustered with all his "Mister" nonsense. He waits for me to finish, like the nice Brit he is and then ever so politely informs me, "I am in the middle of an interview right now. That is why I am whispering. May I please ring you right back?" Oh, excuse me. Why did you answer your BLOODY celly if you're in the middle of an interview?

What a wanker.


moo said...

UGH. And you were trying to be all polite and EVERYTHING.