Monday, June 2, 2008

Ruckus Schmuckus

Ex Boss e-mailed me today and asked me what’s up. I was like, WHOA news travels fast. He said Yeah that’s what happens when people THINK I STOLE YOU. Boss Man called him up and accused him of taking me! Ha! Although that would have been nice, too, but NO.

When Quiet Boss came in this morning he asked, “How are you this morning?” As if I wouldn’t be anything but gleeful. WHY does he continue to act as if something bad is happening to me?!?

And now ALL the doors are closed and Female Boss is going into Boss Man’s office, closes the door, then she comes out. Then Quiet Boss comes out of his closed office door, goes into Boss Man’s office, closes the door, then he comes out, goes back into his office and closes the door.

And LOTS of whispering going on. Whispers at Female Boss’ desk. Whispers in the hallway. Not to be completely self-centered and assume it’s all about me. But it is.

It feels so good to not be concerned with what is going on behind the closed doors or whispers in the hall. I used to get so paranoid. I was afraid that I would be the next one to get laid off; I always thought I was getting fired. I finally feel in control. You would be surprised what that does for my motivation. I did more work on Friday than I did in the last month.

Update: Boss Man just sent me an e-mail. I don’t know how to read it. A portion of it said, “So many changes have happened these past couple of years. Some we have brought upon ourselves, some we have no control over and just have to deal with them.”

Brought upon ourselves? What’s that? I don’t like that, but I’m probably focusing on the wrong part of the e-mail and reading too much into it. The rest of it was a very nice e-mail.


Rachael said...

I don't know what that's supposed to mean either, but it seems passive agressive to me... oh well! Soon it won't matter what he thinks!