Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things I Will Miss

The Comfortableness. This has been my building for almost ten years. It feels like home.

The Coffee. We (I) grind the beans ourselves (myself) every day. It’s so yummy.

The Desk. It’s a pretty desk with pretty things on it.

The Chair. It is a comfortable chair and has supported my rear during all of its many sizes.

The People. Although it is a depressing environment right now, (most of) the people here are very nice. Very family oriented. I have only had two jobs in my life, but this was the first job where an old (he was only 50, but to be fair, I was only 18) married man did not try to hit on me as soon as he had the chance.

The Procedures Manual. I created it from scratch. I like organizational things and this is the ultimate in organization. My job in a binder. I love it because I put so much work into it, and I will miss it.

The Roof. Having access to the entire building definitely has perks. For the last few months I would go up on the roof every day and just sit or lie down. I went up there around 2 p.m., a time when I felt like the day was never going to end. I would close my eyes and look into the sun, feel the wind on my face, strands of hair tickling my cheeks. It was a peaceful escape from my misery.

View From The Roof:


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Ooh that is a beautiful view. Good luck in wherever your new endeavors take you. I can imagine that today is filled with many mixed emotions.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I adore your 'about me'- it describes me pretty well too!
I love cake.

Heather said...

If that was my view from the roof...well, I have a pretty good view, too, but I know it all gets old after a while!

Kelvin Kao said...

Oh wow! That's a really nice view! Where is this?

I don't think I have access to the roof, but it's a two-story building and we are on the second floor. All we see are streets and shops outside...