Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fresh Start

I have been considering starting a new blog and not telling anyone I know IRL about it. No offense to those who know me and read this. I feel like I cannot truly be myself. Although the first reason I am blogging is to have stories for The Boy to remember, the second reason is for myself to have a place to be comfortable expressing myself. And I'm not.

Not In Kansas Anymore

Kansas is gone. She was not being a good kitty. It's not like we weren't thinking she wasn't going to have any kitten traits. We were fully expecting her to climb up in high places, chew on paper, scratch our couch. We were NOT expecting to have a fetish for all things electric.

The cat liked to shock herself. She chewed up our ethernet cable. She chewed up my charger to my iPhone. She chewed the cable connecting the keyboard to the computer. That one caused a good shock, complete with foaming at the mouth.

We didn't even have her that long. And yet she caused us several hundreds of dollars in damages. We honestly couldn't afford to keep her.

The Boy was very sad. But I think he understood. He doesn't seem to miss her very much, he doesn't mention her.

There is some good news in all of this. The people we got her from still had her brothers and sisters and they gladly took her back. So at least she's not dead.